If you are looking for major appliances, furniture,  jewelry, bedding, kitchenware, antiques & collectible items, tools, home decor, mirrors,  toys and so much more, at one time or another it will come through our doors.
Each auction is a new experience!

Come to our auctions earlier than the posted start time so you have a chance to browse through everything and find the items of interest to you.

Be sure to bring a picture ID. You will register with the clerk. After writing down your information you will be assigned a bidder number.

When your items of interest come up for bid, listen to the asking price and show your number if you are interested. If you are the high bidder, the item, sale price and your number will be recorded.

When you are ready to leave simply go to the checkout counter to pay for merchandise. You will receive an itemized list of purchases for your records.

Forms of payment are: cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

So come on out and find your treasure at Gold River Auction!

** PLEASE...make sure that you secure your items after they are sold. As soon as you are the rightful owner it is your responsibility to care for items. Either keep them with you or lock them in your vehicle. Once the item is sold the auction house is no longer responsible.