The following information is for those who would like to sell their items at Gold River.

General consignment auctions are held every Saturday. They consist of a variety of everyday items and general merchandise.

Total commission rate:
Our rates are 30% with no buyers premiums
garage sale leftovers = 40%

Antique and Collectible auctions are on the second and fourth Wednesday each month.

Total commission rate:
our rates are 30% with no buyers premiums

All auctions have a minimum commission of  five dollars.

Special commission rates apply for onsite auctions and may apply for large ticket items such as automobiles. Please call to inquire.

If you have things that you would like to sell you can bring them by the auction house or if you have a lot you can call and inquire about an on-site auction at your place.

We are available for estates,  business close-outs, inventory over-stock, farm auctions, automobile sales, liquidations, etc.

We also do buy-outs. We can buy  merchandise by the house or garage full. If you have an attic, cellar, basement or storage locker full, give us a call.

A buy-out is a quick & simple alternative to auctions or on-site sales. The owner simply comes out and looks over the stuff you want to get rid of and offers you a price to buy everything out right. If you accept his offer he will cut you a check and schedule a pick up time. How easy is that? 

If an auction is the way you choose to sell however you find it impossible to get your items here, we do offer a pick up service for an additional fee.

Your items are assigned and labeled with a lot number.

As the auction begins each item or group of items and their sale amount are noted. All information is thoroughly recorded.

After commission is deducted (look under rates for current commission fees), a check for the balance along with the itemized sale list is made available to you.

Consignor's checks are available for pick up:

**Antique/collectible auction checks are available on the following Saturday.

**General consignment auction checks are available on the following Wednesday.